As part of OTP Group and one of the leading leasing companies in the country we have a long-standing partnership with leading international and Bulgarian producers/distributors of high-quality equipment, vehicles and cars. OTP Leasing offers a variety of options and opportunities for cooperation according to the needs of its partners:

- Standard Process - Informal cooperation and collaboration. 

- Reference model - a partnership based on a contract for collaboration. 

- Special programs - an opportunity for value-added products, increasing competitive advantages over other analogues on the market. Offering solutions such as white-labeling.

The main goal of OTP Leasing is to provide reliable and adequate solutions with common benefits for all the parties. Our partners can take the following advantages:

- Joint campaigns and programs. 

- Managing specialized regional or national events. 

- On-site training of partner's commercial teams. 

- Information and sales analysis by products and product groups. 

- Specific solutions and know-how for financing various type of asset.