1. Necessary documents for the acquisition of ownership of the leased asset at the end of lease
For preparing the contract for transfer of ownership we required to provide us with copies of the following documents:
- Certificate of insurance value that can be get from any insurance company or a licensed broker upon presentation of a copy of the registration certificate of the vehicle (in case you do not have one - will send it to you).
- A copy of the identity card.
- If the contract will be signed by representative provide us a notarised power of attorney of the person who will represent you. The power of attorney shall entitle the person to sign contracts for the purchase of assets.
The above should be submitted in original atfore the notary when signing the contract of sale.
The transfer of ownership is payable by the purchaser:
- Notary fee - payable to the notary.
- Local tax for acquisition of property (acc.article 44-50 of LTFA) - paid to the municipality by registered address of the buyer. The tax is paid to the notary or before the transaction with a transfer evidence of the respective payment (payment order / deposit slip / receipt).


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Application for acquisition of property


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 Application for acquisition of property

Please send the completed documents to: contact@otpleasing.bg .